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We don't provide it by telling you what you want to hear, but by listening to your needs and advising you on the facts we learned from our experience with other clients and by researching your specific needs and requirements.We deliver you a solution that gives you the results you came to us for in the first place!

BigData consulting

This is where we listen to your needs, identify the bottlenecks and define the problems in a measurable variable. It's the game plan for anything else that is to come.

analytical design

This is where we put our analytical minds together and come up with the best solution that address your problems. We extract every bit of information behind the complex Big Data.

Software development

Our in-house development team codes all softwares and applications to industry standards. They can brainstorm creative solutions to your unique problems, and then code those solutions for you. "Can't do that" is not an option.


We are proud to provide the state of the art solutions to all of our existing and future clients. We build our business on one mantra "As you grow, we grow!"


‘REVEAL’ is a dynamic web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) management system that incorporates real time data presentation with a range of analytical tools that can be modified to suit customer’s facility.

Haul Truck Air Monitoring Module

Haul truck air monitoring module is a dynamic web-based SaaS management system in which the trucks are fitted with IoT sensors which tracks the dust concentration with the geo spatial coordinates of the truck. Monitoring the dust concentration helps maintain the truck's health.


We are a specialist Data Analytics consultancy and a custom software development company formed to leverage small and large businesses with scientific analysis of Big Data with quick turnarounds. We are proud to provide the state of the art solutions to all of our existing and future clients.

Our Origin

We are a Perth based company aimed at providing big and small businesses custom Big Data solutions. We provide comprehensive scientific reports that allows taking right decision and making the most to increase your busniess effeciency, growth and profits.

Our Name

We call ourselves BigData Scientists. Our team has significant experience in data analysis. We have witnesssed the power of Big Data over these years. We are highly motivated to impart our knowledge of Big Data analytics to harness the information that would increase productivity and profit of your business.

Our Team

Our team consists of highly trained and motivated Data Scientists. Each team member has a diverse skill set and a range of experience from various industries.

Our Director

Munish Mehta has over 20 Years of experience as a lead Data Scientist, working across range of industries like Healthcare, Transport, Finance, Utilities and Mining. He holds a patent in machine learning algorithm which is licenced to predict survival risk by identifying genetic signature in people suffering from complex diseases like Cancer and Diabetes. He is a co-author of 13 international publications. He has provided enterprise level solutions to corporate clients worldwide. He has an extensive experience in programming high performance and distributing computing (Spark, Storm, CUDA, OPENCL). He is a Microsoft Certified Cloud and Data Engineer.

Why Us?

Collaboration with various specialist suppliers

We work in collaboration with various specialist suppliers to provide bespoke analytical solutions for industry.

Innovative monitoring solutions

We design and deliver innovative monitoring solutions assisting mining, port and industries to operate sustainably thus increasing profitability, improving resource efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

Extensive experience

Our team has extensive experience across mines, ports, industry and agriculture, both locally and internationally.

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